AKEM Consulting Ltd is a research and knowledge management support consultancy based in Kampala, Uganda. We provide organizations with the best people, tools and support systems to collect and analyze performance data to support decision making that enables them to succeed in meeting their intended goals and objectives. We take great pride in being proficient, agile and highly principled.

AKEM Consulting was founded by a team of Evaluators, M&E Specialists and Information Systems Experts that had spent over twenty (20) years actively serving and engaging with farmers, traders, refugees and other project beneficiaries. Our team’s first-hand field experiences and background give AKEM Consulting the unique ability to serve our clients with a deep understanding of their needs and the nuances of the challenges that they face.

We have served a broad spectrum of clients including non-profits, private sector organizations and development partners such as USAID, Trademark East Africa, Winrock International, UNCDF, UNIDO, WHO and others. Our primary areas of technical expertise are Agriculture, Digital Financial Inclusion, Health, Human Security, Gender and Road Safety.

Our team members have provided evaluative research and project management support primarily across Eastern, West and Southern Africa (including Angola, Burkina-Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia), as well as S.E. Asia.

To maximize value for our clients, AKEM Consulting utilizes technology tools to support our work, including an online performance management tool, web-based survey tools, and tablet-based interview tools. AKEM Consulting also has tools to conduct automated telephone interviewing (ATI),  web-based and computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) that enables us to collect and process survey data in real-time. By using ATI, tablet-based CAPI and real-time data management tools, we are able to reduce the cost of doing surveys, expand the pool of respondents, enhance the quality of collected data, and complete surveys sooner by eliminating costly data capture procedures, cutting paper usage, reducing opportunities for human errors in data collection and making raw data sets immediately available for further processing and analysis. 

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 AKEM Consulting has a deep wealth of experience and expertise in conducting data collection exercises from local communities across the region.
We utilize in-house systems and capacity to conduct ATI, CAPI and CATI exercises.

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